US Cellular Field Lot L

EDI provided complete Civil Engineering services (Survey, Design, and Construction Phase) for the development of Lot L at U.S. Cellular Field, which turned six acres of an industrial area into a parking facility. The development is one of the largest parking areas utilizing permeable pavers in the City of Chicago. This permeable system allows for the retention of a 100-year storm event on site, which helps alleviate overloading the existing combined sewer system. This parking system has been designed and constructed at an elevation that allowed an engineered barrier to be placed above the existing Brownfield contaminated site.

Rehabilitation of adjacent arterial streets also provided design challenges. The Authority acquired a portion of the existing public right-of-way which allowed for the rehabilitation of 38th Street adjacent to Lot L to be realigned. The new catch basins were fitted with restrictors to also help alleviate flooding in the adjacent areas.