Illinois Tollway Maintenance Facilities Site Design

The EDI team is providing Phase II Engineering/Architectural Design Services for up to four Tollway Maintenance Facilities and on-call and as-needed services related to Tollway Maintenance Facilities.

The project includes preparation of contract plans and construction documents including the following:

  • Developing civil site plans;
  • Preparing contract documents;
  • Preparing and evaluating lighting;
  • Preparing and evaluating drainage systems;
  • Incorporating architectural plans based on the Tollway Maintenance Facility designed under contract RR-12-4079;
  • Development Maintenance of Traffic Plans to protect the movement of vehicles in a safe manner, including MOT plans for local facilities impacted by the project;
  • Evaluating and designing appropriate landscape and erosion and sediment control measures in accordance with the Tollway’s Environmental Control Manual.

Renderings provided courtesy of Epstein, the lead architect and engineer for the Illinois Tollway’s Maintenance Facility Program