City of Chicago Department of Fleet & Facility Management

Since 2002, EDI has held consecutive indefinite delivery contracts for environmental consulting to support City of Chicago real estate transactions. EDI completes task orders ranging from Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), UST removals, environmental remediation, and Illinois Site Remediation Program (SRP) requirements. Representative projects include:

For the Union Station Transit Center, EDI completed a Phase I ESA, Phase II ESA and SRP Reporting. The site, near Chicago’s Union Station, had a significant environmental history, and required remediation for its redevelopment into an off-street bus terminal. EDI’s scope included historical review, collection of soil samples, installation of a temporary monitoring well, and soil gas and waste characterization sampling. EDI also completed all reporting and communications with the Illinois EPA.

Eden Place Nature Center is an urban nature preserve and environmental education center located on the near south side of Chicago. Prior to Eden Place’s founding, City records indicate that the property was utilized as an illegal dump site for hazardous materials. Around 1997, a three-year clean-up effort was undertaken to remove the illegally dumped materials. EDI was retained by 2FM to investigate City owned properties that comprise the northern portion of Eden Place for remnant impacts, enroll the property into the SRP to address identified impacts, and obtain a No Further Remediation (NFR) Letter.

South Green Plating Superfund Site- Tasks included oversight and reporting of demolition activities at 12130 South Green Street and 12131 South Peoria Street in Chicago. The site was formerly operated as a metal-heat treating facility, and the South Green Street and South Peoria Street parcels were acquired by the City of Chicago in or about 2002 and 2005 respectively.