CDOT Sustainable Streets

EDI was a part of a team providing design services for streetscape improvements to Blue Island Avenue from Ashland Avenue to Western Avenue for the Cermak/Blue Island Sustainable Streetscape Project.

Lead by Knight E/A, Inc., the team’s work provided the framework for a Chicago-wide policy of environmentally sound infrastructure, influencing similar projects nationwide. With the incorporation of a broad mix of sustainable technologies to create a streetscape in a more industrial urban setting, the project broke new ground and sets high standards for improvements to City streets. The project is the first roadway in America to use “smog-eating” photocatalytic cement in their permeable pavers earning Knight an Honor Award in 2013 from the ACEC-Illinois for design work on this project.

EDI was tasked with performing the topographic and ADA ramp surveys for this Task Order. Included in EDI’s scope of work included full ROW topography on the sidewalks, curb, pavement and street centerline at 50 foot intervals including the location of utility structures within the ROW.

Making this survey even more difficult was the traffic volume flowing on a continual basis on Blue Island Avenue requiring some additional safety measures in order to obtain the sewer inverts. The project was performed utilizing IDOT codes and delivered in MicroStation format for use in developing the base plan sheets for the proposed improvements.