IDOT Hazardous Waste Surveys – Statewide

EDI is supporting two prime consultant firms for Statewide Hazardous Waste Surveys for the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). EDI is IDOT prequalified for Hazardous Waste Simple.

The hazardous waste surveys include the investigation of potential waste sites suspected to contain hazardous waste, petroleum waste, underground storage tanks (USTs), leaking USTs (LUSTs), or other regulated substances adjacent to, or on IDOT right-of-ways (ROW) and work areas. EDI has completed several task orders for Preliminary Site Investigations (PSIs) and environmental compliance assessments (ECAs).

EDI has performed the soil and groundwater investigations, and prepared the PSIs for IDOT ROWs, culvert redevelopment areas, and possible proposed acquisition. The samples are submitted for laboratory analysis and EDI evaluates the results for contaminants that could impact soil disposal and/or require remedial action.

PSI activities include development of a work plan, health and safety plan, field investigation, and reporting.

EDI has also participated in environmental safety and compliance assessments of several IDOT laboratory facilities in multiple regions. The ECAs reviewed chemical hygiene plans, handling and storage of chemicals, safety, and standard operating procedures.