Municipal Engineering & Consulting

EDI’s newly acquired Joliet group has provided Municipal Engineering services for more than 50-years.

In our combined history, EDI provides comprehensive engineering services to numerous of our municipal clients. Working side by side with municipal staff, we build long term relationships that yield streamlined projects, excellent communication and response time.
EDI is dedicated to uncovering the most cost-effective solutions for community issues ranging from transportation, water, wastewater, feasibility studies, and planning for future development. We are proud of a history of municipal partnerships and successful projects from concept to construction. Our passion and commitment to Excellence, Dedication and Innovation to the municipality is paramount.

Our Engineering Staff has the ability and experience in an extensive range of professional services to create engineering solutions to address complex projects. EDI can assist in providing a variety of Civil Engineering, as well as Land Surveying, Economic Development and Planning Services, and Environmental services for various project types.

We understand the value of personalized service and dedication. Our commitment is to provide innovative, cost-effective and sustainable engineering, planning, economic development, and surveying solutions based on trust and exceptional service. EDI is steadfast in its commitment to ethics, and treats clients, staff, and vendors respectfully and fairly.

“We have a 50+ year history helping communities in wastewater projects and expanded to serve all engineering needs. It has been those long-term relationships with municipalities that we are most proud of.”
Howard Hamilton, EDI Director of Engineering.