O’Hare Runway 9R-27L & Associated Taxiways

EDI, as a Chicago Aviation Runway Designers (CARD) Joint Venture Partner, provided preliminary, final design, and construction engineering support services for the extension of Runway 9R-27L (former Runway 9L-27R) and Taxiways J/Z.  These comprehensive design elements, part of the O’Hare Modernization Plan (OMP) included a system of three parallel taxiways to serve this extended runway, the proposed Runway 9C-27C, located to the north, and the Western Terminal, to be located to the south.

One of EDI’s preliminary engineering responsibilities focused on the proposed drainage system that will serve the Runway 9R Extension and Taxiway areas. This drainage system will also collect flow from proposed Tank Farm Road to be located south and west of this project area.  EDI was responsible in developing the existing and proposed erosion control measures in conjunction with the drainage design, and identifying potential conflicts with existing and proposed utilities located within the project area.