Stevenson Expressway/Dan Ryan Expressway to Lake Shore Drive, Phase III Engineering Services

EDI was selected in a joint venture with Ardmore Associates, LLC, to provide Phase III engineering, including Program Management as the IDOT (Owner’s) Representative, for improvements to the Stevenson Expressway (I-55)/ Dan Ryan Expressway (I-94) to Lake Shore Drive (US 41). The team’s scope included total reconstruction of the three outbound bridge structures (two curved girders structures and one tangent structure) at the I-55 and US 41 interchange including realignment of the structures and widening. Ardmore/EDI’s work also included approving payroll requests from the contractor, managing RFIs between the contractor and the design team and working out solutions with the owner and contractor to unforeseen problems that arose during construction.

The approach roadway was constructed to match the bridge reconstruction widths, geometrics and elevations within the project limits along US 41 and I-55. Interchange lighting was added as well as traffic surveillance, signing, underpass lighting, and ITS work. Three new proposed concrete retaining walls were provided at SB I-55, Ramp SW, and Ramp NW.

EDI staff was involved with coordinating existing CDWM water main shutdowns as a new 12″ water main was installed at the southwest corner of 25th & and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The scope also included reconnecting a water main in that area that was previously thought to be connected. This work involved coordination between IDOT Construction and CDWM.

This is a heavily travelled and critical thoroughfare linking Lake Shore Drive and the Dan Ryan Expressway. Of particular note is the heavy volume of traffic that uses McCormick Place, the convention center owned by Chicago and run by the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority, and surrounding hotels. The bridges identified on the outbound traffic lanes will have significant impact on area commuters and visitors to the McCormick Place complex.

Staging, maintenance of traffic and any potential detours were carefully managed, including communicating with MPEA staff, and the construction of the new hotel and arena.