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Since 2008, EDI has held an Environmental Engineer Retainer contract with the University of Illinois-Chicago campus. Under this contract, EDI has performed Industrial Hygiene Services, and completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) for a proposed Health Center.

Industrial Hygiene work was completed for two campus renovation projects in 2010-Lecture Center F, and Douglas Hall. Renovation activities for the facilities included replacement of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, and electrical, plumbing and life safety system upgrades. EDI's tasks entailed conducting representative sampling of suspect materials for Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM), the preparation of asbestos project design and specifications for the abatement process based on any ACM identified, and project management and air monitoring during abatement of identified ACM. As UIC completes fire alarm sprinkler system upgrades and associated facility renovations at the Applied Health Sciences Building, EDI is providing asbestos-related consulting for the project.

For U of I - Urbana, EDI has provided environmental consulting involving Asbestos Survey, Abatement Design, and Abatement Project Oversight for several campus renovations. Projects include Smith Hall, Huff Hall, Loomis Labs, Turner Hall, and the Medical Sciences Building. For Natural History Building renovation, EDI is providing environmental consulting and civil engineering for this complex project. 

UIC Douglas Hall
UIC Lecture Center F
UIC Applied Health Sciences
UIUC Medical Sciences Building
UIUC Natural History Building

UIC Douglas Hall

UIC Douglas Hall

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