MWRD TARP Shaft Laser Scanning

EDI received an ACEC-IL Merit Award for its innovative survey work for the Metropolitant Water Reclamation District (MWRD) TARP facility. EDI performed laser scanning of the ground floor of the MWRD TARP Shaft building and of the east and west wet shafts connecting to the Deep Tunnel system. Scanning a shaft 360 feet deep with no real access points except from above presented a logistical and procedural problem. EDI mounted the scanner inverted on the bottom of a man cage. The scans were performed every 20 to 25 feet vertically. The scans were then registered to match the point clouds together, and a 3D model was produced along with horizontal cross-sections of the drop shaft taken every 10 feet vertically.

View EDI's project board icon 2014_Award_Poster_FNL_HR_crops.pdf (5606 KB)


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