Leslie J. Sawyer Named ACI Corporate Trustee

As a graduate of Lake Forest College, Leslie J. Sawyer understands the importance of the world-class educations that small, liberal arts colleges have to offer. With a diverse career that included more than 30 years of state government policy development, program design, management, and now the leadership of EDI, Leslie built on the right foundation after graduation from Lake Forest.

It was this experience that drew her to Associated Colleges of Illinois (ACI), a 65-year-old nonprofit that "advances independent liberal arts and sciences education, and supports underserved students to succeed in college, careers, and life." She was proud to be named to the ACI Board of Trustees in January 2017, a position her sister and late EDI Founder and CEO Deborah M. Sawyer once held.  

"The missions of ACI and EDI intersect on the issue of education, especially STEM education, for disadvantaged and diverse students," Leslie said. "In addition to member college and university outreach, I and EDI leadership are committed to realizing ACI's goals and objectives through scholarships, mentoring, and internships for these students."

Leslie joined a board consisting of 28 corporate trustees, plus presidents of the organization's 23 member colleges and universities. 




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