On Site with EDI: Laser Scanning

Did you know that you can save critical (and expensive) project time with 3D Laser scanning over conventional survey methods? Since 2013, EDI has successfully completed dozens of projects, using laser scanning in a variety of contexts for our transportation, aviation, development, and industrial clients. Read more here about our laser scanning work at O'Hare.
While not every project calls for highly detailed 3D data, there are many scenarios in which this technology will deliver superior depictions of existing conditions in a short amount of time. Key benefits of laser scanning include decreased project costs and field time, increased safety, and data collection that can reduce the need for site visits.
Architects and Facility Management: Laser scanning delivers accurate measurements of intricate building features that are difficult to survey using traditional equipment.
Transportation: Laser scanning is very beneficial for projects in transportation corridors. In addition to the extraordinary coverage that scanning allows, the 3D data can be modeled to check site lines, obstructions, and interferences at a project site. In addition, entire sections of highways and bridges can be scanned without getting into traffic.
Industry: EDI can scan the interior and exterior of industrial facilities, including foundations, and mechanical, electrical and plumbing features. Equipment of varying sizes, materials, and tanks can also be scanned to get reliable, accurate information for facility upgrades and expansions.

EDI surveyors are eager to put this technology to work for you. To learn more, schedule a free information session that can be presented virtually over ZOOM to educate your team on the value and uses of laser scanning. Contact Gary Flentge for more information!

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