Project Spotlight: 2FM Industrial Growth Zones

undefinedEDI was retained by the City of Chicago to help launch a flagship development program aimed at increasing industrial and manufacturing jobs in Chicago.

The Industrial Growth Program provides developers and investors with basic property and utility information, as well as assistance with assessing environmental conditions and understanding regulations associated with remediating the properties. Financial assistance is available for performing environmental assessments, environmental investigations, and remediation activities.

EDI created a Site Certification Report template which provides site specific property and utility information, as well as environmental assessment information. Site Certification Reports help inform the buyer about the property, reduce the uncertainty associated with the property, and decrease development time.

EDI developed an interactive map which shows the location of each enrolled property on the growth zone website in real time ( The website is public and Site Certification Reports are provided on the map for potential developers and investors to view.

For properties enrolled in the program, EDI creates a Site Certification Report and researches environmental assessments, investigations, and remediation activities performed on the properties. Anyone can go on the growth zone website, click on a property, view its Site Certification Report, and if interested in the property, there is an option to directly email the City of Chicago.

Multiple sites have been enrolled in the program and are currently in the process of being redeveloped. The program is expected to have 75 sites and will run until 2019.

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