USGBC Green Apple Day of Service

October 30, 2012

Environmental Design International inc. (EDI) teamed up with the Young Womens Leadership Charter School (YWLCS) for the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) Green Apple Day of Service on Saturday, September 29th.

Acting as mentor, EDI worked with YWLCS on a project of their choosing--an Electronics Recycling and Paper Drive event--to demonstrate the importance of recycling. YWLCS students kicked off the week by placing hand-decorated recycling bins in each classroom and office area. Regency Technologies, R2 RIOS, and The Shred Authority, supported this project by picking up the materials from YWLCS and ensuring proper recycling. The efforts of the girls kept 350 pounds of old electronics out of Chicago's landfills.

Photos from the event are below. Click here for more information on this USGBC world-wide event.


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