Graig Neville, PE, CPESC, CFM, Vice President, Civil Engineering

undefinedGraig has more than 25 years of diverse civil engineering experience in the water resources, storm water and flood plain management, site development, transportation, surveying, construction management, and utility infrastructure disciplines. He joined EDI in 2015 and manages the firm's team of Civil Engineers.

Graig has spent most of his time in the private sector, but worked for the City of Aurora prior to coming to EDI. Always interested in design, Graig initially wanted to be an architect. Over time, he realized that he appreciated science more than art and decided that civil engineering was a better fit. As a civil engineer Graig feels he gets to design the foundation of society, which gives him a strong sense of satisfaction that what he does makes the world a better place.

One of Graig's most memorable projects was the brownfield redevelopment of an old refinery. The project spanned three decades, with Graig being involved for 10 years as the water resources subject matter expert. Of the experience, Graig said he was fortunate enough to work with other very competent engineers and geologists using state of the art technology to develop a complex floodplain model to evaluate and design storm water management systems. The project positively affects the local community for decades to come. "I'm proud to be able to share my specialized knowledge to transform a redeveloping environmental remediation site into a community benefit," Graig said.

Graig has been a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) since he was a student at Iowa State in 1990. As part of ASCE he served in leadership roles with the Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Group (now EWRI), and continues to participate in local events. He's also involved with the American Council of Engineering Companies, WTS, and the Illinois Retired Teacher's Association.


BS, Civil Engineering, Iowa State University

Graig's advice for someone who is in college, or looking to start a career in civil engineering:
"Get an internship in your field of choice while still in college. It gives you valuable experience and starts building your network early in your career. I can't stress enough how important that is."



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