CDOT Arterial Street Resurfacing- South Area

As part of Building a New Chicago, City of Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) plans to resurface more than 2,000 miles of streets over the next decade – nearly half of the total miles in Chicago. As part of this initiative, EDI is continuing to provide construction engineering services for principal arterials, minor urban arterials, and urban collector roadways on Chicago’s Southside.

Since 2011, EDI has held consecutive prime contracts with CDOT for Phase III Services related to street resurfacing projects throughout Chicago's far south side. During the pre-construction phase, the EDI team documents existing conditions, reviews plans and specifications, develops a General Safety Review Plan and Material Testing Guidelines, and sets up a filing system in accordance with IDOT and CDOT checklists and construction manuals.

As construction begins, EDI is responsible for reviewing shop drawings and submittals, updating project-specific information to the CDOT CM website, inspecting and monitoring materials and certifications, performing general safety reviews of site, and inspecting pedestrian/vehicular traffic control measures. EDI also provides project schedule status reports, negotiates contractor change orders, issues and logs RFIs, and reviews and processes monthly pay estimates.

EDI also coordinates utility work and resolves design issues among the contractor, utility companies, and CDOT. During the post-construction phase of the various projects, EDI reviews all As-Builts, including electrical plans. In addition to documenting post construction conditions, EDI oversees all punch list work, compiles and submits final documentation, and completes final project close-out.



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